Monday, December 31, 2007

"I'm Getting Drunk!"

This is how my mother answered the phone when I called her tonight. Apparently she went out with my dad, my aunt & uncle, and a bunch of their mutual friends. My mother isn't a drinker ... at all. Her libation of choice is the ever popular white wine spritzer. For God's sake, it's already a puny-ass glass of white zinfandel, do you really need to mix it with Sprite? Anyway, we'll see how this goes tonight. I'm eager to hear her stories tomorrow, although the last time she got hammered she started having hot flashes on the drive home and started taking off her clothes. Never a dull moment with my mother.

Sadly, the title of this blog does not apply to me. I've noticed I don't get as excited about drinking anymore. Very sad. Maybe it's because I'd rather be sleeping, since I still feel as if I'm making up for those sleepless nights I experienced when Brandt was first born. I consider myself still recovering.

I wish you all the Happiest of New Year's, and if you can, you really should go out and exclaim to the world, "I'm getting drunk!"

Just make sure someone drives you home. Don't call me, I'll be sleeping.

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Short and Sweet said...

Very funny, Karen. I'll have you know that Dad and I were safely home at 11 PM fully clothed! After my one white wine spritzer, I had 1/3 of a glass of champagne with cranberry juice, shrimp, talapia, string beans and mashed potatoes. I skipped the flan because of my distaste for anything custerdy. We really had fun and I made some new friends with the young people at a table close to ours. Jeremy (a personal trainer at a local fitness center and the husband of a young lady I talked with) and I traded tables and had fun talking with our new friends. Robin, Suzanne, Joanne, Carla, Richard, Dad and I sat at one table and Griff, Brian, and Russ sat at another. Strange combination to say the least! At any rate, we all started out drinking, talking, joking, and generally having fun. I knew better than to overdo it so I started sipping water and had dinner. Dad and I left around 10:30 PM, shortly after Carla and Richard. We left the other three younger couples to carry on in our absence. Robin started to dance next to the tables, Joanne was "dancing" in the booth, and Suzanne decided to join her husband at the other table. Our server, 20 year old Megan, was so much fun. She was also a size 2 or 4 and had on a cute outfit that Robin, Suzanne, Joanne, Carla and myself could have worn at one time in our lives. If we wore the top now, our cleavage would be under our chins! At any rate, we had fun and I'm glad that we joined our friends for a night out to celebrate the new year...even though we left early.
Oh, I almost forgot...I learned the following about the young kids at the table I joined:
*Ages: 21-36
*One was 6 months pregnant (a boy) with her second child (first son is 5)
*The pregnant lady's husband said that I was a vast improvement over Jeremy
*Jeremy and his wife have 2 teenage boys
*One gal was studying to be a forensic something or other
*The 21 year old was single and alone so I tried to fix her up with Griff, Brian or Russ...Griff and Russ seemed interested while Suzanne and Robin didn't care
*By the time Dad and I left, the 21 year old was sitting with some cute guy that she met
Happy New Year