Monday, March 3, 2008

How to Successfully Not Sell Your House

Step 1. Own a house on "Cowhead Saddle Lane"

Step 2. Own a house that is directly behind Safeway.

Step 3. Put above mentioned house on the market during the largest national housing slump in the past 10 years.

Step 4. Hold 14 open houses, only to have people tell you that your house is behind a Safeway (news flash) and that is the reason they won't make an offer.

Step 5. Continue to keep above mentioned house on the market (eventhough all hope seems lost) because you are under contract for a newer, nicer, bigger home (that is NOT behind Safeway) and the only way you can get your earnest money back is by forcing the builder to cancel your contract because you can't sell your house even after reducing the price several times ... but mostly you can't sell your house because it is behind Safeway.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Frankly, I think #3 is the bigger problem. But the Cowhead Saddle Lane part is definitely a selling point! Maybe if you can just get them to rename the Safeway to Cowhead Saddle Safeway?