Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Car Insurance ...

By switching to PROGRESSIVE!

I know that's Geico's slogan, but whatever ... it applies to Progressive, too.

Seriously. Joe and I had Farmer's forEVER because he is a creature of habit and when we bought our house 4 years ago we got our homeowner's insurance through Farmer's as well, so it "made sense" for me to switch my car insurance over to Farmer's so we could "bundle". Fine.

Fast forward to now, when I'm sick of paying $100 a month for just my car because that seems REALLY high for someone who hasn't had an accident or speeding ticket in the past 5 years. And it's not like I'm still 22 and driving my Mustang. I'm 28 and driving a Mazda Tribute for crying-out-loud.

So I do some research online and find out the Progressive is SO MUCH less expensive than Farmer's. How much less expensive, you ask? Well let me break it down for you: Joe's 4-door Dodge Dakota AND my Mazda Tribute are covered with the same exact coverages as what we had with Farmer's and now we're paying $93/month. Yes. For both cars ... same coverage ... LESS THAN WHAT I WAS PAYING FOR JUST MY CAR WITH FARMER'S!

Ninety three dollars per month.

What a waste of money this past 4 years.

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