Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Things

Some people I know (not us) won the lottery. They may or may not be related to me (they are). They didn't win the big jackpot, but they got 5 out of the 6 numbers so they won some money, however it is surprising at how drastic the difference is between getting all 6 numbers ($3.6 million) to missing it by 1 number and only getting 5. But winning is winning, and how great a gift it is to win some money 4 days before Christmas.

The people who won are truly amazing ... they have given so much of themselves (their time and money) to so many people, especially me. They take care of everyone else, and even though I can't give them gifts this year that fully express my appreciation and gratitude, in a way I think this is a little gift from a higher power. From someone who can thank them for the rest of us.

I feel like, with so many ups and downs that have happened this year, this could be a turning point. It's something positive to hold onto as a sign of better things to come. I believe (because I have to believe) that 2009 will be better for my family.


Short and Sweet said...

Thanks, Karen. I've been praying for a miracle--not for us but for you and Joe--and,in thanking God for our win, I sort of mentioned that He might have had you guys win instead of us. Let's hold on to the hope that 2009 will, indeed, be a much better all the way around.

Short and Sweet said...

...a much better year... is what I meant to say.

Colleen said...

OH HOW EXCITING! YAY, think of all the garage sales your mom can hit now! Merry Christmas you guys!