Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Camper

I took Brandt to the pediatrician yesterday because we weren't seeing any improvements with sleep habits. I explained the situation to the doctor and his only suggestion was to try the baby gate option. I figured there had to be a gate wide enough for Brandt's room, because he has double doors and the opening is 60" wide. But we didn't want anything we had to drill into the wall, so I was hoping for a pressure mounted gate. I happily found a baby gate that I liked that wasn't too expensive, however Babies R Us was out and so were the 4 Targets on my side of town. So I resigned myself to Amazon, which happily had the lowest price and their wonderful free shipping ... so I ordered it last night.

Brandt only woke up once last night, and Joe being the wonderful person he is, took him back to bed and hung out in there for 15 minutes. Then Brandt slept until after 6am, and when he did wake up he stayed in bed. We just heard him talking to himself in there, so we went in around 6:20am and got him up.

Of course he does this the night I order the gate from Amazon. We'll see if things continue to improve ... I could either keep the gate or return it, depending. But I definitely feel like a new person this morning. Yay for sleep.

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