Thursday, February 19, 2009

Help Save Babies!

I started reading Heather's blog a few months ago and I wanted to pass along her quest to earn donations for the March of Dimes walk she will be participating in during April. Her daughter, Maddie, was born 11 weeks premature and her blog chronicles the roller coaster of health scares & hospital visits that have been their reality for the past year. Take a few minutes to read about Maddie and about her most recent setback. And if you have even a few dollars to contribute here is Heather's donation page: March for Maddie


Colleen said...

You have me addicted to her blog as well. Do you know her personally, or did you just come across it?!??

Karen said...

No, I don't know her ... I found her through Baby on Bored and just kept following her posts :)

Colleen said...

Can I tell you her "What Goes Around Comes Back Around" Blog totally entertained me? I searched until I found it, then I made Pat do it! She is an excellent writer!