Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Suggestion Box

Dear People In Charge of the Tucson Zoo:

I would like to first say how much I've enjoyed taking my son to see your animals. He likes the gibbons and the polar bears and the elephants, and he sometimes enjoys feeding the giraffes when I feel like spending $2 for biscuits. All in all the Tucson Zoo is pretty much what you would expect a zoo in Tucson to be like.

I do, however, have a suggestion. A simple request. And it doesn't involve any kind of money to be spent on your part. In fact you could probably save money by taking my advice because you wouldn't have to pay an employee. Except I think there are mostly volunteers at the zoo, so maybe that is a moot point. But back to my suggestion: If you could be so kind to keep the snakes locked inside their respective cages and not bring them outside of their special reptile building, that would be great. Or if you do bring them outside of their special reptile building, please keep them right NEXT to their special reptile building and NOT right next to the giraffes. In plain sight of unsuspecting zoo patrons who may not enjoy the company of snakes, myself being one in particular. As a result of this situation that occurred at 10:20am this morning, my son never made it to the polar bears because as soon as his phobic mother (me) saw aforementioned snake, I flung his stroller around so quickly that I nearly plowed over a 4 year old, and power walked us the heck out of there.

I mean, really. I understand that you're a zoo and you have all kind of animal exhibits, and for crying out loud we live in Arizona, so that pretty much guarantees snakes will be included. I'm not trying to discriminate against them. Just please keep them in their designated area like you have all the other 40+ times I've visited the zoo. I'm very good at avoiding a building, however you made it quite difficult today to avoid a snake-holding zoo employee/volunteer right next to the damn giraffes.

Thank You,

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