Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bedtime Modification: Night 1

I have had two suggestions of trying an earlier bedtime (6pm) for Brandt. I figured Joe wouldn't be on board with this (I was right), but I tried really hard tonight for earlier than our usual 7pm bath. I managed to get Brandt in the tub by 6:20 and dressed and in bed at 7pm. It is now 7:30 and he's still in there wide awake & jabbering. I don't know how successful the earlier bedtime will be if we can't get him to fall asleep earlier than his normal 7:45 or 8pm.

Joe is in there with him and I have a feeling that he will be not so happy when he comes out. Not happy in the sense that he will give me the "I told you so" look about an earlier bedtime.

I know I shouldn't give up yet. It takes more than just one night, right?

Oh, and just an update with the morning wake up time: this morning was 4:15. Joe goes in there with him because I refuse.

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Colleen said...

Hang in there!!! He will get the hang of it!! I know it is a stressful situation, but if he knows you are stressed, he will feed off of it! My kids are devils when they know I am stressed!