Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running Errands With A Toddler

My car battery died Sunday evening, which was lucky for us that I decided to run to the store then instead of waiting until Monday morning since Joe was home and not at work. He was able to give me a jump start and let my car run for a while to give the battery a little more juice.

Monday morning I took the car to WalMart because that's where we bought the battery two years ago and it was still under warranty. Lucky for us I'm very particular about my filing habits so I had no problem finding the original receipt.

The guy at WalMart tested my battery and confirmed that it was, in fact, dying a quick death. I went inside and showed my receipt to the guy at the counter and they said they'd completely replace my battery because it was within the 2 year time frame. Except they didn't have the battery I needed and wouldn't be getting more until the next day. And did I mention that in the 10 minutes it took him to figure all of this out I had to haul ass through the sporting goods department twice to retrieve my son, once past the fishing rods which he found particularly fascinating.

Once we determined that they were out of the battery I needed, they offered to give me a full refund for my original purchase and they suggested I go down the street to Auto Zone to get a new battery. Fine. Oh, but then I had to bring the original battery back to them so they could get credit for my refund.

AutoZone was a nightmare since it's a store consisting almost entirely of TOOLS, my kid's latest obsession. He wouldn't stay with me, and when I tried to hold him he turned into limp dead weight so I would put him down. Or he kicked & screamed & flailed.

But the nice guys at AutoZone offered to take out my old battery and put the new one in. Except my battery terminals were completely corroded and stuck so it took over 30 minutes for them to do it. I felt bad, since it was already 100 degrees at 9:30 in the morning and the guy was standing over a hot engine. Oh, and B kept insisting on playing in the car while the guy was working on it so I was sure he was going to get overheated, or that someone would report me for leaving my kid in a hot car in the middle of July.

We were finally done with the car issue and off to my doctor appointment. Since it's a busy OB/GYN office they always run late and Monday was no different. I had to keep B entertained for over an hour in the waiting room. I held out the gummies as long as I could but finally gave them to him halfway through our wait. He was pretty good, although there were a few times I had to take him outside to remind him it was not appropriate to take his shoes off and try to throw them at people, nor was it okay to take his shoes off and run around barefoot in the waiting room. And I was mortified when he dropped one of his snacks on the floor and bent over to pick it up with his mouth ... and eat it. Good times.

I know I will have more days like this, worse probably. Yay for toddlers.

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