Saturday, October 3, 2009

Getting Bedder

Brandt has been sleeping through the night the past 3-4 nights and I have a theory. We finally got his new bed (thanks to my father-in-law) so his mattress is no longer on the floor. At first I thought this would freak him out even more because he's now 2 feet off the floor but so far it's only seemed to help the situation. I didn't even get a guard rail for the side, we just put pillows on the floor in case he rolls off ... which he hasn't yet.

And I LOVE his bed because of all the storage. There are 3 drawers, which I will use for B's toys, but there is also empty space behind the drawers that I can fill with stuff I need to keep but don't need to access frequently. I've already filled up that space. Now I just have to go through B's toys to re-organize them into the drawers. Here's a picture of the bed:

So far we just have the bed built, but Joe plans to put the headboard together today. My mom & dad got us the matching dresser and they will be bringing it down in a week or so, that way I can put all of B's clothes in there and move the other dresser into the baby's room. I still have a bunch to do in the nursery because I'm waiting for that dresser so I can finally put everything away. Right now it's just in boxes on the floor and in piles in the crib. My parents and I put the cornice above the window, though, so that's done. I'll post a picture of the nursery once it's finally put together. I can't believe I will have this baby in just over 2 weeks! NUTS! She'll be arriving sometime during the week of the 19th, since I will be scheduling another c-section or an induction. We only have 3 more weekends of just the three of us. It's hard to imagine how much things are going to change, but we will go with the flow. My goal is to not be as uptight and anxious this time. I'll let you know how it goes.


Short and Sweet said...

You have a good support group and you will be fine. I love your play on words..."Getting Bedder"!

OMIDucky said...

It's almost here... I talked to my new OB about a month ago, and she will only do C-sections if you have already had one. But she is supposed to be really good, so we will just have to prepare. Oh yeah! New baby due 4/9/10 :-). Thanks for the blog as always... I will be following your new adventure as it unfolds!!!

Karen said...

Congrats! That's so exciting for you ... I hope you have a smooth pregnancy :)