Friday, January 29, 2010

My Decision

I bought the Graco Mosaic for the following reasons:

1. Brandt prefers to walk wherever we go and I think once the novelty of the Sit N Stand wore off, he wouldn't be interested anymore and we'd be stuck with the bigger stroller.

2. The Mosaic still holds the infant car seat but it's not as big as the old Quattro Tour or the Sit N Stand.  I tried pushing the Sit N Stand at the store and it felt more awkward because it was longer.  And the carseat would be way out in front with the Sit N Stand.

3. The Mosaic is lighter and smaller and collapses like an umbrella stroller so it takes up less space in the back of my car.

4. I always have the option of carrying Lillian in the Bjorn and pushing Brandt in the stroller if need be.

Ultimately, my goal was to have less bulk and awkwardness with my stroller so I'm hopeful that the Mosaic fulfills my needs.  I'll be testing it at the zoo tomorrow.  But I know I'll still have stroller envy.

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