Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fluffy Butts

I've been using cloth diapers for the past 4-5 days and things are going well.  I still put a disposable on Lillian at night because I haven't quite figured out which diapers I like best, so once I do I will start CDing full time.  It's really not that hard, and I see how it gets addicting.  There are so many cute diapers to choose from:

Thirsties with prefolds

Washing isn't bad right now since Lillian is exclusively breastfed, so I can just toss the soiled diapers into the wash because breastfed poop washes out just like yogurt.  Once she starts solids I will have a little bit more to do before I can put the diaper in the wash, but I'm not too worried about that.

I've ordered more diapers and can't wait to start CDing full time.  Is it weird to say it's fun?

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Colleen said...

Yes, it is TOTALLY weird that you say it is fun, LOL! But, this is what I love about our relationship, we totally agree to disagree :-) I think the only other person I have that with is Karissa!