Saturday, March 27, 2010


There are certain labels given to different parenting styles, like "crunchy" or "mainstream."  I haven't really found a category I fit into yet, because I'm kind of a hybrid of mommy styles.  I cloth diaper but I vaccinate.  I wear my baby part time but she sleeps in her crib.  I exclusively breastfeed but I will feed her store-bought baby food.

I kind of border on the "crunchy" side because of cloth diapering and breastfeeding, but I haven't gone hardcore hippy-mom and I don't see myself going that extreme any time soon.  Or ever.  I recycle the basics: newspaper, glass, cardboard, plastics.  I still eat meat and I doubt I could ever go vegetarian, although we really should cut down on the red meat we eat.  More fish & chicken would be much healthier.  I do try to use more natural cleaning products, and I've been using home made vinegar solutions for cleaning. 

I took this quiz and found out I'm "Pretty Crispy."  What are you?

Random side note: Lillian didn't sleep well last night so I had a lot of fragmented sleep, and as a result, I had very vivid dreams.  My favorite being I got to meet Michael Buble.  I think I kissed him, too.  Don't tell Joe.


Short and Sweet said...

I'm instant oatmeal.

Colleen said...

I am instant oatmeal as well!!!! That quiz CRACKED ME UP!