Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother's Day

From Pregnancy & Newborn May 2010, page 18

12:01am Greet the new day as you wake for baby's first nighttime feeding.

4:00am A second nocturnal nursing session has you head back to bed just before sunrise.

7:08am Big brother slept in (alleluia!)  Pour a bowl of cereal and turn on The Wiggles in hopes of a 10-minute catnap on the couch.

11:10am Lunchtime already.  (Never mind the fact that you're still in your PJs.)  Two PB&Js (one for big brother, one for you) and a ripe boob (for baby), coming right up.

12:00pm A nap is in order - for everyone.

1:15pm Recharged and inspired, squeeze in a quick shower before kiddos start squirming.

1:26pm Fetch whimpering baby from crib - so much for shaving your legs.

2:00pm Build a Lego tower, play peekaboo, read Green Eggs and Ham eight times.

4:44pm Text hubby to see what time he'll be home - and if he can pick up carryout on his way.

5:30pm Feed baby and listen to stomach growl (yours, not hers).

5:37pm Update Facebook profile: "Can't wait for my knight in shining armor to arrive ... soon with dinner in hand, I hope."

6:02pm Hand baby off to hubby, cut big brother's noodles into bite-size pieces, inhale pad thai.

8:00pm Read bedtime stories and put both kiddos to bed.

8:30pm Collapse with hubby on couch to watch TiVo-ed episode of The Office.

8:34pm Fall asleep, of course.
This is almost my day exactly, except Brandt doesn't sleep in or eat peanut butter.

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