Monday, June 28, 2010

Eating Disorder

Lillian was 8 months old on June 19th and she still refuses to eat "solids."  I've tried purees, yogurt, pieces of banana for her to gnaw on ... she really has a hard time eating anything other than boob.  It's kind of funny to watch; she gags and makes all kinds of horrible faces whenever I try to feed her.  But it's mostly frustrating.  And I've gotten some conflicting advice (which is nothing new when it comes to childcare).  The pediatrician said that if she's still refusing solids by her 9 month check up then she will have to see an occupational therapist.  But other moms have told me that breast milk (or formula) should still be the primary source of nutrition the first year and that other food is only for practice, and that I shouldn't worry about it yet.  But it's hard to not worry, since I know most babies are eating food by now, and I know Brandt was a rockstar eater by this age.  But at least I can rest assured that Lillian is not lacking in any way.  My breast milk seems to be sustaining her just fine, considering she is quite a chunky monkey.

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