Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

My parents were visiting last week, which was so nice to have some help entertaining Brandt. Since his school didn't start until August 31st and I was running out of free & cheap things to do with him. Going to the mall to play often resulted in buying Rubio's for lunch and that was getting expensive.

He LOVES going to my parents' house in Tucson, 1. because it's a new environment to play, 2. because Nana & PopPop give him almost anything he wants, 3. because there are stairs, and 4. because there are toy trains there to play with. He is in heaven.

Friday afternoon my parents had taken him to their house to play, while I had Lillian napping at home and used the down time to get stuff put away around the house. Once Lily woke up, I let her roam around on the floor while I continued cleaning. I always line dry her diapers because the sun naturally bleaches and disinfects them, so I went outside to bring the drying rack back inside. Well, the door was open just long enough for Lily to scamper outside and scoot around on the patio. So I figured I'd let her play a little outside.

I got down on the ground with her to show her the grass. She really hadn't had any experience with grass before, and the texture was very confusing to her.  We were happily sitting there exploring when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to the back wall and saw it ... a snake. To say I'm not a fan of snakes is a mild understatement. I've been to therapy for my phobia before but stopped going because really the only way to cure my phobia is to face my fear, and I'm not ready for that.

The snake was moving against the back of the wall, behind the grill toward some palm trees. I scooped Lillian up and ran inside, trying hard to not panic. I called my dad and started crying hysterically over the phone to him. He and my mom brought Brandt back to the house and went outside to look for it. They never found it after prodding through bushes and looking behind the grill. When Joe got home he looked all over and found it behind our wall but then it went somewhere and he never saw it again. I'm doing better with it. I'm still nervous about going outside, but I'm not a complete basket case about it.

On Monday evening I noticed some water in our garage and thought our water heater was leaking. Joe moved a bunch of stuff and determined that the water was actually leaking out of our air conditioner. Swell. It was only 100+ degrees outside and muggy from monsoons. I called the A/C company that had installed everything when our house was built 6 years ago and they said it wasn't a big deal and that they could send someone to our house in the morning to clean out the clog. I was relieved to hear that our entire A/C wasn't broken, because the last time that happened it cost $800 to fix.

Tuesday I went to the dermatologist because I have been experiencing horrible acne. On my neck. It's disgusting. I am so self conscious about it that I've been wearing my hair down to cover it, except it's stupidly hot outside and wearing my hair down makes me sweat a TON ... so I just feel gross all over. Anyway, the dermatologist said there's really nothing that can be done because, 1. I'm nursing, and 2. it's hormonal acne. I can't take any oral medication because I'm breastfeeding, and most topical ones aren't safe for nursing moms either. Apparently acne in your jaw & neck area is almost always hormonal, which makes sense that I'm breaking out like mad right now ... since I just started getting periods about 6 weeks ago. To add insult to injury, she told me that in the future if I still need acne treatment after I'm done nursing, most insurance companies don't cover acne treatments for people OVER THIRTY. For real. That's stupid.

THEN! As if things haven't already been nuts over here ... the A/C was acting up again Tuesday evening. The thermostat read 80, even though we usually set it at 79. So I turned it down to 78. Nothing happened and the little snowflake symbol for air conditioning started flashing, which usually means it's not working. I flipped out. Like ready to beat the ever-living crap out of the thermostat & air conditioner. We just had the guy here that very morning, and now it's not working again?! Absolutely NOT acceptable. I started reading the thermostat manual and the A/C manual ... I went into the garage and looked at the main power supply for the unit. I was running around the house like a crazy person, standing on chairs to feel the vents, pushing buttons on the thermostat. Finally I went outside, checked for snakes on the way, and went to our breaker box. I flipped the breaker for the A/C to shut it off for about 20 seconds. Then I switched it back on and went back inside. The A/C finally started working, and the snowflake symbol stopped flashing. Within about 30 minutes the temperature had gone down 2 degrees and I was beyond relieved. When all else fails, push the reset button.

Then I poured myself a glass of wine and called it a day.

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