Monday, January 31, 2011

Knowing When to Say When

I still breastfeed my 15 month old baby, partly because she is comforted by it and partly because I know she is my last baby and I'm holding onto her baby-hood as long as possible.  She doesn't drink much cow's milk, maybe an ounce a day, so I know that she needs the breast milk to compensate.

But I'm also still getting up with her at least once, usually twice, each night.  And it's not like she's a new baby that needs to eat every few hours.  It's just her comfort, and a way for me to get her back to sleep within 10 minutes so I can go back to sleep.

At her 15 month check up she weighed 22lbs 8oz, which is 50th percentile for weight, so I know she's getting the nutrition and fat that she needs to grow.  But I also worry that she doesn't eat a lot of solid foods because she prefers to nurse.  Both of my kids don't eat a lot (or sleep well, for that matter) and I'm getting quite frustrated.  I want them to eat 3 meals & 2 snacks a day, but instead their eating patterns are scattered and they rarely eat at the table for more than 3 minutes.  I've gotten into the bad habit of letting them eat on the couch, or letting them carry their snacks around the house.

And B doesn't eat well at all.  His food intake consists of a predictable rotation of chicken nuggets, pasta, carrots & ranch, lettuce & ranch, apples, pears, bananas ... sometimes green beans (with ketchup).  I don't know if I need to enforce a "tough love" approach and just start making 1 meal for all of us to eat and then letting him go hungry if he chooses to not eat it.  Then maybe he will eventually give in and eat something new?

I have a lot of challenges right now with my children, mostly food & sleeping issues that I need to remedy.  If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the advice!


Adriana said...

i still BF Hendrix at 15m. Some days he is an amazing eater and others not so much. I have found that if he rejects a food I just keep giving it to him along with something he likes. I read somewhere that it can take a baby up to 10 times before they may start to like something. For instance I kept trying to get him to eat strawberries and finally after like the 15th time of cutting him them up and putting them on his tray with his bananas he got into them and now he LOVES them. Same goes for a few other things.

Colleen said...

Serve them something they really want, and something you want them to try. Don't let them eat the thing they really want (ie yogurt, chicken nugget, etc) until they try the new food. I also offer quarters, dum dums or hershey kisses if they try something crazy like crab legs or sushi! I kind of run my kitchen like Fear Factor-HA! But, I have never claimed to be winning any prizes for parent of the year!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Karen,

The tot years go by so quickly~ enjoy it. You know what is best for your family. :)

I am contacting everyone as a reminder and an inquiry to see if they're attending the AZ blogger's luncheon on March 26th as I have to call the tea room on in the next few days with a head count.

Details are on the Monday (3-14) post of my blog.

If you are attending please leave a comment on that post.