Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ...

I spent Sunday morning with two good friends of mine.  We got together for breakfast to celebrate my birthday ... we have a birthday breakfast tradition.  Cindy made wonderful french toast and served fruit, coffee & mimosas.  Very enjoyable birthday festivities, and I was so glad to spend time with Cindy & Gina.  Cindy works full time, and since I've started working part time, we hardly ever see each other. 

Cindy has a 4 year old daughter and was so kind to give me two bags full of 2T & 3T clothes to take home.  I sorted through everything and was excited to find adorable clothes & 2 pairs of cowboy boots (I love boots!).  But I also found this in the bag:

She loves it.

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Short and Sweet said...

I chuckled when I saw this photo. Dad asked what was wrong and I said, "Karen posted a darling picture of Lily as Superman...I mean Superwoman!" She is a doll.