Sunday, January 29, 2012


Monday is my new favorite day of the week.  Both Brandt and Lillian go to school on Mondays so I get almost 4 whole hours to myself.  By. My. Self.


Last week I used that time to clean out their rooms and donate some toys & items that had definitely seen better days.  I also tried to remove clutter from the rest of the house and tidy it up a bit.  Although you'd never know since the "clean" lasts until 5 minutes after the kids get home.

We are most likely putting our house (back) on the market to try to once & for all to sell it.  This time it will be a short sale, though.  We've mostly given in to this idea and are ready to move on.  The house is too small and too expensive for our needs.  We're not as upside down as a lot of people but it's still enough to get the heck out.  All the stress and worry and frustration and fear ... I'm ready to let go of it.

Moving forward.  Starting fresh.

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