Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hands Off!

What is with people?! I seriously had such an annoying day that I can without a doubt say, I really hate people today.

I decided to go to Mervyn's because they were having their buy 1 sweater get 2 free sale ... sounded like a good idea at the time. So I'm casually walking around collecting sweaters to try on when I hear someone coughing up a lung nearby. I kind of look up and see this woman walking around the sweaters. She's walking kind of my direction so I swerve a little (VERY difficult to maneuver my massive stroller through the cramped aisles). Apparently she had her eye on my kid because she turns from her aisle to my aisle. I was stuck ... no where to turn except to back up, which apparently I wasn't quick enough. She proceeded to pick up my baby's hands with her hands (as gross as they were) and mutter something-or-other to him while I stare at her with this look of disgust, disbelief and scathing hatred. She paid no attention, obviously, because she moved from his hands to his face. This woman, who at this point I'm convinced has every communicable disease known to man, touched Brandt's hands and face ... then went on her merry way, paying no attention to me whatsoever. No comment about how cute he was or that she loves babies ... nothing. It was a "touch" and run. I didn't even exist to her. I was livid. I discreetly squirted hand sanitizer into my hand and then rubbed it all over Brandt's hands. I know 'they' say that the alcohol in hand sanitizer can be harmful to kids if ingested but at this point I would rather he blow a .001 on the breathalyzer than to become infected with the bubonic plague.

So I continue shopping, still a little annoyed but not enough to cut my excursion short. Until some other woman touches Brandt on the head. And then another on the arm. What was going on? Did he have a sign blinking above his head that exclaimed, "Touch Me, I'm Cute!" None of these women were together ... all of these instances were separate and unrelated, although still annoying and very uncalled for.

I consider myself to be pretty laid back when it comes to my kid ... not over-protective or crazy about germs (usually) but for some reason I was completely freaked out after all of the random touching today. I put down the shirt and shoes I was planning to buy and high tailed it to the car, where after strapping him in the carseat, I wiped him down with a baby wipe ... hands, face, head.

For heaven's sake people, keep you F*!%ING hands to your self!

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