Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 13, 2007

Yay for Sprint!

Yes, you read that correctly. For those of you who knew how much I hated them before when I had a POS phone that they wouldn't help me with ... well, they have managed to redeem themselves.

Months ago I bought a new phone on ebay (because like previously mentioned, sprint would not help at all). A couple weeks ago, Brandt must have banged my phone on the tile one too many times because all of a sudden people couldn't hear me through the phone. Very frustrating for all parties involved and resulted in a massive argument with my mother ... which could be a whole other post.

Anyway, today I decided to skip the gym and go to the sprint store instead. I told them about my problem and the guy said it sounded like a bad microphone but since I didn't have insurance it would cost $35. Fine, I said, because $35 really isn't that much money when it comes to cell phones.

I come back an hour later and I see the guy walk over to the counter with two phones in his hand. I ask him if it was the microphone that was broken and he said something, but I wasn't paying attention at that point because I noticed the second phone he brought looked identical to my phone. Probably sounding like an idiot I asked, "Why are there two phones?" He said it was because they couldn't fix my phone so they were giving me a new one. I said, "Well, how much is that?" He replied, "35 dollars." I said, "Why $35?" Apparently he perceived this question to be a bit threatening because he was then on the defensive and carefully explained to me that it costs $35 because I don't have insurance. I clarified, "No, why is it ONLY $35?" But then I realized I sounded even sillier for asking for an explanation of why they were selling me a new phone for so cheap. So I said, "Nevermind! Thank you very much."

Yay for my new phone ... and Yay for Sprint for stepping up and providing decent customer service.

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