Sunday, December 16, 2007

October 19, 2007

I’m a good mom ... at least for today

Today I feel like I ROCK as a mom. Do you ever have those days, where everything goes pretty smoothly and orderly and you feel like you've managed to get a lot accomplished? This is my day today:

Brandt slept all night, woke up at 6:30. He ate and played and hung out with us until nap time. Then he decided to take a 2.5 hour nap! TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! Unheard of ... he usually sleeps 45 minutes ... sometimes I get 1.5 hours out of him ... so I was THRILLED this morning!

Then he woke up, we went to Target because I needed to refill his baby food stash. I managed to get an AMAZING deal on some Tide detergent. Regularly $12.98, on clearance for $6.44 ... rang up for $3.24!!!! I felt like I got the deal of the decade.

We came home, I fed Brandt some lunch. He ate very well ... some leftover peas, apricots, half of a YoBaby, and a whole jar of turkey (yummy, I know). Then we played some more ... he practiced his "walking" and we had good play time.

Then I looked at the clock and decided it was time for his afternoon nap. I changed him, took off all his clothes (because his room stays warm) and put him down. I turned on his CD and left the room. I heard him making a little bit of noise, but no fussing so I gave him 10 minutes. Then I checked on him ... he was asleep! Amazing!! Let's see how long he sleeps this afternoon.

I feel like today has been the best day because Brandt has done what he is "supposed" to do. Not that I did anything differently, but I feel like I am a better mom today.

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