Sunday, December 16, 2007

November 08, 2007

Nipple Piercing

Brandt bit me last night while nursing and it hurt like hell. I screamed so loud that my husband jumped and Brandt started crying. So I ask you, why in the hell would someone voluntarily do that to themselves? Because I'm pretty sure that piercing your nipple hurts way more than when Brandt bit me, and that hurt really badly.

I'm hoping he learned not to do it again after my scream scared him. I've heard that you're supposed to take the baby off your boob and put them down and walk away, so that way the learn that biting = no more boob. But everytime Brandt has bitten me I haven't been in a situation where I can do that. The first time he bit me (just a little nip) I was in the Target fitting room so I couldn't just put him down and walk away. And last night it was right before bed, so he had to finish nursing because that's all he was going to get until 6:30 am.

Argh ... my goal was to nurse for a year so I could wean him to cow's milk instead of formula ... just 3 more months ... I'm hoping he stops the biting.

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Rachel said...

Didn't Jess actually faint from the pain when she got her nipples pierced? Congratulations, now you and Jess (almost) have something in common. ;-)