Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shocking, although I'm not surprised

Britney's Sister is Pregnant

She's 16! I guess Britney is the perfect role model for her younger sister ...

I can't imagine having a baby at such a young age ... sometimes I think 27 was too young for me to have a kid. But at least I feel like I've done a decent amount of things with my life ... traveled a lot, finished college, enjoyed some appropriate college-aged partying, had a good job. It was definitely an acceptable time for me to have a baby.

Although I must say, do celebrities really go through the same struggles as the rest of us when it comes to living with a newborn? I really think that having 'night nannies' (or any nanny for that matter) kind of decreases their credibility as parents. I mean, yes, having help from anyone is a good thing and most definitely appreciated during those first few weeks. But I'm sure Tori Spelling and Katie Holmes made sure they were able to get their beauty sleep at night while they paid someone else to get up with their kid - it must be nice. Maybe I'm just bitter ... ok, yes I am bitter ... but I feel WAY more accomplished for doing it by myself. Although there were plenty of nights when I wished I could have left the house to stay at a hotel while someone else got up with Brandt ...

And I want to do this again and have another baby? What am I thinking?!

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