Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Pink Stuff

Brandt has officially joined the ear infection club. His fever started Tuesday night and never really got better ... it went down slightly with Tylenol but then shot right back up. Wednesday night he was up a few times crying and Thursday morning he woke up with 102.4 degree temp. I called and made an appointment with the doctor, gave him a squirt of Tylenol and then hopped in the shower while Joe watched him. 5 minutes into my shower Joe barges into the bathroom to let me know that Brandt just threw up ... three times. Poor baby ... he felt so awful. After my shower I went into the other room and held him in my lap while he watched Sesame Street ... although I'm pretty sure he was just staring off into space because he usually could care less about what's on TV.

At the doctor's office I explain everything that had happened during the past few days and he checked his ears only to discover that Brandt has an ear infection in both ears. He hands me a prescription for Amoxicillin and I'm on my way.

The rest of the day Brandt was pretty low key, although he didn't want anything to eat except a few goldfish crackers here and there. I tried to squirt some Pedialyte in his mouth every chance I could get and I made sure he nursed more than usual. His fever stayed up all day despite his every 4 hours dose of Tylenol. I'm hoping by tomorrow the pink stuff will have kicked in and he'll start feeling much better. At least all of this happened early in the week. I would have been so pissed if he was this sick on Christmas Eve/Christmas.

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Short and Sweet said...

I really wish that I had stock in "the pink stuff" as I would be a bazillionaire right now. When you were young, you had numerous ear infections that required gallons of "the pink stuff". If Brandt's ears are anything like yours, be prepared for countless nights with a crying baby and a frustrated mom. You never got an ear infection before 11 PM making contacting the pediatrician both difficult and frustrating. The dr. usually wouldn't prescribe anything over the phone thus contributing to the night from hell! Upon your face to face meeting with the doctor the next day, he will confirm what you already knew at midnight the night ear infection! It is unsettling and torturous to see your precious baby suffering in a way that breaks your heart into so many pieces that you wonder how you can ever breathe again. I wish you the best...I survived and so will you.