Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Parking Lot in Life

Part One:
I really hate Babies-R-Us for having the "Expectant Mother" parking spots. And some might be angered by my seemingly insensitivity to pregnant women, but hear me out.

1. Exercise is good when you're pregnant. Unless of course you are on bed rest, but if that's the case then why the heck are you dragging your ass to BRU?

2. Those parking spots should be reserved for mothers with babies/kids. And by baby, I mean the ones that are already out of your uterus. Seriously, every kind of shopping excursion with children turns into a massive headache, accompanied by a massive back ache from lugging your kid and all of their equipment around. I have started dreading the 'simplest' errands. I used to enjoy Target ... now my back tenses up from the thought of fighting with my kid to get him in the car seat and of course from the automatic rebellion that begins as soon as he sees the cart that I'm pleading with him to sit in. It's torture for me. Seriously, one of the best gifts anyone could give me right now would be a solo trip to the store. Any store.

So that might sound bitchy, but come on! You're pregnant ... enjoy these solo shopping trips while they last. And those extra 20 feet of walking might just save you a pound or two in the end.

Part Two:
So the other day I'm pulling into a spot at the grocery store. I was turning from an awkward angle so the parking job did require an extra back-up before I could fully park. The spot I had chosen was one that backed up to a cart return and I see this woman walking her cart toward the cart return. She continues walking, apparently blind to the SUV trying to maneuver into the spot. She proceeds to leave her cart on the WRONG side of the cart return, which happened to be the parking spot I was trying to claim. Then another woman follows behind her and does the same exact thing. WTF? Seriously?! Did they not see me trying to pull into this spot? Maybe they did and decided I was taking too long and could never pull it off from that angle, but still. I found it very rude.

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Colleen said...

OOOoooh, I have to disagree with you, the BRU "Mom-to-be" parking spots were my fav, mainly because I had this shooting pain up my vagina everytime I took a step the entire third trimester, so I LOVED THOSE, but at the same time, once the baby is out, I am cured, and I feel AMAZING again, so I can't complain. However, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED those spots, and some of the grocery stores in TX had them too, and I would specifically go to them. I know, lazy, but I only gained 18 lbs with Jackson and NINE with Tyler, so I can't really complain!