Friday, September 5, 2008

Seeing Spots

So this has been my week:

1. Eye pain
2. Back pain
3. Debilitating back pain
4. Red spots

These have been the doctors I have gone to:

1. Optometrist
2. Urgent Care
3. Nurse Practitioner
4. Chiropractor
5. Nurse Practitioner
6. Dermatologist

Urgent care was useless. They acted as if I was wasting their time by complaining of something so boring (back pain). They acted like I was making something out of nothing and that my back pain was just because I have a toddler that I carry around too much. Suck it up. Take some vicodin, muscle relaxers and call it a night. Way to give a crap and actually listen to what I have to say.

The nurse practitioner was a lot better. She listened to me, looked at my back, felt around and she could immediately tell that I had thrown my back out of alignment. She recommended I see a chiropractor. Even though she couldn't "fix" me, at least she seemed concerned and acknowledged my complaints.

After I left the chiropractor I felt like I had never even had back pain at all. I know some people are skeptical, and some people (Joe) are creeped out by the cracking and popping during a chiropractic adjustment, but let me tell you ... I am a believer. The days leading up to my visit with Dr. Aragon were filled with shooting back pain, burning, aching, sometime debilitating pain. My friend Lindsey described that type of pain best by saying, "it makes you want to leave your body." Yes. After my positive experience with chiropractic care this week, I can assure you I am making a commitment to get adjusted regularly. I do not want to have that pain ever again.

So all is finally well .... until Wednesday evening. I get out of the shower to get ready for work and notice some red bumps all over my arms and legs. I had noticed the bumps on my legs earlier in the week and decided it was just razor burn and I needed to stop being so cheap and buy a new razor. Except the bumps were no longer confined to my legs. The tricep area of my arms had bumps. And I noticed the bumps on my legs had spread to my upper thigh (an area that is hardly ever shaved, much to my husband's annoyance). Oh look, the red spots are on my butt, too. Nice.

Friday morning I go to the nurse practitioner again and they immediately tell me to see a dermatologist, since the spots are all over my arms, legs, butt, tummy, hands ... I seriously look like I have chicken pox, except I've been vaccinated for that (because I never had them as a kid) and they don't itch.

Finally, the Physician's Assistant at the dermatologist's office looks me over, asks me a few questions and then tells me she's going to get the doctor to come take a look. Great. Let's charge admission and call it a freak show while we're at it. Anyway, the doctor comes in, they discuss, and it is decided. My diagnosis is ....

A viral infection.

Joe and Brandt got the upper respiratory version and I get the spots. Which is worse? A head cold, or looking like a freaking leper? At least my spots aren't contagious. I will just wear pants and long sleeves until I look normal again.


Anonymous said...

Weird and interesting! You have to send a picture of your spots!! Are the back and spots thing at all connected. Lindsey :)

Olivia said...

I had the SAME thing about 6 years ago. Except with mine I had horrible throat pain. I eventually got a steroid shot for the spots (because mine itched). they come back every now and then. I hope you feel better!

Rachel said...

Initially, I thought your post said you went to see "Dr. Aragorn" and I was like, what the heck kind of crazy LOTR-themed chiropractor did she go to?
Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, freak ;-)

Gina said...

From now on I will refer to you as My Freaky Friend Karen.

Seriously, I'm so happy you're feeling better.

Olivia said...

BTW - Josephine now has the spot virus. So far she doesn't seem bothered by it! I hope you are feeling better!