Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby #2

No, I'm not pregnant ... and let me tell you my reasons for not being pregnant:

1. Probably the most significant reason is money - lack of it. Mostly the concern is how expensive the medical costs would be because Joe's insurance isn't very inclusive.

2. I like wine. And coffee. And beer. And Ny-Quil. Since I stopped nursing back in April, it's been so nice to be able to take any kind of over the counter medication I want. You'd be surprised what is off limits to nursing women - and if you're pregnant, forget it. Even cough drops have a disclaimer telling you to seek medical advice before consuming if you're pregnant or nursing.

3. I think I might lose my mind. Brandt is tons of fun and super sweet, but there are times when I want some "me" time. I think with two kids you can throw that dream out the window until they're both in school. Right now I can take a few minutes here and there when I put Elmo on TV for 15 minutes.

It's funny that once your first kid reaches a certain age (usually over a year) people start casually prying about "when are you having another one?" and they get super suspicious of any move you make to see if you *might* be pregnant. Like whether or not you skip that glass of wine at dinner.

And to be completely honest, it's not something Joe and I haven't talked about. Or even attempted (take a deep breath, Mom). It just hasn't happened, and given our current situation I think we will hold off a little longer. I look forward to enjoying my wine this holiday season.


Colleen said...

This one of my favorite blogs you have ever written. You are so right about the suspicious moves. God forbid you are just tired!

Karen said...

When I was pregnant with Brandt we decided not to tell anyone until after our first ultrasoud at 8 weeks. My parents had a 4th of July party and I was only 7 weeks along, but I knew that my mom would be suspicious if I didn't have a beer at the party. Joe and I brought our own 6 pack and I emptied one before we got to their house and refilled it with water. When we got there I immediately took that one and drank it, so that way my mom would not suspect anything.

Such efforts just to throw her off track ... Joe and I even told her we were going to wait until we had been married a year before we would "try". But with my mom we definitely had to cover our bases, because she can sniff out any kind of secret.

Short and Sweet said...

I'm a trained observer (teacher) so you bet I can detect any covert behavior....except when the "additional" pictures of your 5-month old wedding turned out to be pictures of your 8-week ultrasound! Now that was a total surprise!!! I wonder how you will tell me about baby #2! I'll forever be lurking about anxiously awaiting the announcement.
Love you......

Colleen said...

OMG! You had to go to extreme measures, that is hysterical!!! That was baby number one, I think this time you will probably be 7 weeks preggo drinking the actual beer, LOL!!!! I have to admit, that is the only time in my life I don't drink, so for me too, it is a DEAD GIVE AWAY!!!!!!