Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Very Needy Cat

Early one morning a very needy cat woke up. Like way too early - before 5am. He wandered into the living room and began rattling the blinds because he enjoyed the sound they made, and he thought for sure the humans would wake up and come play with him. After a few minutes of rattling the blinds, he was discouraged because the humans had stayed in bed making a concerted effort to try to fall back asleep.

The very needy cat then decided to try another way to get the humans to wake up. He went into the bathroom and pawed at the cabinet door. He knew that because of the child locks, the door would never open and it would continue to bounce back and forth making a very annoying thud. Surely the humans would wake up now.

"Oh here one comes now! He looks mad. He's waving a pillow at me. This can't be good. I should run and hide and give the humans a few more minutes of peace."

After five generous minutes, the very needy cat began wandering around the house meow-ing. He knew that the humans loved spending time with him and that by politely asking them to come out and play he would be able to enjoy their company.

No such luck. He heard one of the humans whisper loudly, "Boston! Be quiet!!"

The humans were very concerned that the very needy cat would wake up the baby, because the humans enjoyed sleeping past 6am when the baby would let them .... and this morning the baby was sleeping in.

The very needy cat decided that the humans would rather have him come to them, so he jumped onto the bed and stepped on top of them. He walked on top of their heads, climbed over their shoulders, and tried to curl up next to their ears so he could groom himself.

He quickly tired of these activities when he realized the humans were not interested in his attempt at being friendly. He decided to jump from the bed to the nightstand and reach over to paw at the blinds near the nightstand. He of course had to maneuver around the lamp and stack of books on the nightstand, as to not knock anything over. He was careful to not annoy the humans.

By this time it was close to 6am, and the humans were mostly awake although they were trying to keep their eyes closed in bed to make a feeble attempt at falling back asleep. No such luck. The baby began to stir and the very needy cat was happy because he knew the humans would have to get up soon. It was at this point that the very needy cat curled up at the foot of the bed and fell asleep.


I know why Eric Carle didn't write these types of stories - they might end in violence and be inappropriate reading material for small children.


Short and Sweet said...

Your blog is very entertaining but I'm sorry that Boston is still driving you crazy in the morning! I'll trade you Bear for about that? Your "monster" cat could easily be portrayed in a Mary Shelley story I suspect!

Gina said...

That story made me laugh, especially when then cat goes back to sleep at the end of it all.

I'm telling you, though, Boston rocks. I'll trade you Chloe for Boston. We had the pleasure of shaving her today because she's been throwing up hairballs in the middle of the night on our rug. Not on the tile. On the rug. Only on the rug.

Thanks for making me smile, sorry about your interrupted sleep!

Karen said...

Yeah, Boston isn't really that bad. I'm glad he's a friendly cat, but his early morning activities are getting annoying. He did it again today.

How did you manage to shave your cat?! Poor thing, lol.

Rachel said...

You always know how to make me laugh ;) That would be one of many reasons we are not getting another pet until the kids are older, LOL. Especially now that they are finally sleeping in till 7:30am!