Saturday, December 20, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ...

I haven't seen my husband for more than 15 minutes each day the past week. This morning I was able to spend a whole 2 hours with him before he went to work. Then I go to work tonight (again) so we'll be back to saying, "hi" and, "good morning" to each other during the 15 minutes that I get up before he walks out the door for work in the mornings. Although he does acknowledge my presence when I get into bed at 11:45 (or later) every night by mumbling something about how he's sorry I have to work so much lately, and then briefly asks how work was before falling right back asleep 45 seconds later (while I toss and turn for 45 minutes). We miss each other ... a lot.

Then he found something that made him think of me and brought it home with him. Last night when I got home from work I saw it on the counter.

He would probably be upset if he knew I was writing about him, because he's supposed to off limits when it comes to my blog ... but I couldn't help it. So if you see him or talk to him, shhh.

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Darna said...

You have described the entire first four years of my marriage to George. In fact, it wasn't until his unfortunate car accident (that proves that God works in mysterious ways) that we started having a more "normal" life. I am sorry that times are so tough for you now- but please always remember that nothing lasts forever, hard things often blossom into blessings, and someday you will look back and be proud of yourself for not only enduring, but being better for it.