Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Sleep:

Or do you prefer Mr. Sandman?

I know we haven't had the best relationship lately, but I mean this with the utmost respect: please stop screwing around.

We had such a wonderful relationship before .... I would close my eyes and then you would take over 5 minutes later. It was pure bliss. I know things got a little complicated after Brandt was born. I could no longer give you the attention you needed, however please believe that I missed you immensely during that time and I was not trying to ignore you on purpose. Those few months were rough on us both, but I beg you to let bygones be bygones and let's move on. We need each other.

I remember how easy it used to be. We had such a secure relationship and I knew you would always be there for me. I'm sorry that I took you for granted. My life is not the same without you, and we both know that this is not an entirely selfish request. Other people rely on you to make sure that I can function during the day. More importantly, you help me stay sane and keep my bitchiness to a minimum.

Lately it's been a struggle. Take last night for example: you completely avoided me for hours. This hurt my feelings greatly. I missed you. I went to bed later than normal, I realize that. And I worked last night, so that does make it more difficult for me to wind down. But I miss how easy our relationship used to be. Why does it have to be this difficult now? Can't we go back to the way things used to be?

I hope this letter helps mend our relationship because I miss you dearly.



Colleen said...

TYLENOL PM!! My best friend. I don't believe that it is non-habit forming because I can't sleep without it, but OH, I have a relationship with that bottle!!!!

Karen said...

Yes, I too love the Tylenol PM. I think Joe bought some more yesterday but I never got around to taking it. Tonight it will definitely be a priority.

Gina said...

One word: Sonata.