Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bitter Blog Face

If you had the chance to read my post from the other day, I'm sorry. I only had it up for a few hours before I decided it was too bitter and deleted it. I was venting and I realized later that it read like a big fat, whiny pity party about how tired I am. We're all tired, and we all have a bunch of stuff going on right now and any parent would consider a day off and a full night's sleep to be priceless. I apologize for getting too cranky about it.

P.S. I slept well last night and took a little nap yesterday ... can you tell?


Colleen said...

Should I delete mine about my neighbor, HA!!

Today I am bitter because I requested a sick day, and my husband told me to wait until tomorrow-HELLO-sickness does not wait because you have to work! ARGH

Karen said...

No, I don't think you should delete yours ... it is a very valid complaint about something out of your control, unfortunately. My whining is a direct result of self-inflicted exhaustion, since I volunteered to work way more hours than I should have. I can't wait for Christmas Eve!!

I wish I could take a sick day every now and then. Although my parents did take Brandt for a few hours Friday morning so I could sleep ... that was nice. I hope you feel better!