Monday, December 8, 2008

There Is Something Wrong With Me ...

... Because I enjoy looking at Zac Efron and I'm over the age of 17.
I can't help it. I first saw him in Hairspray and I didn't really think anything of him then. But then they put this picture in People magazine and from then on, I've decided that he's not so bad to look at. Of course I can't say the words, "Zac Efron is hot," because it makes me sound silly. So I'll just say, "I enjoy looking at Zac Efron."

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Colleen said...

I will say it, HE IS FREAKING HOT!! I don't care how silly it makes me sound. I think he is on the same level as my Justin Timberlake crush, although I haven't seen any of the High School Musical movies, I might just have to save them all for one lust filled night.