Saturday, January 24, 2009


We had so much fun. It was a quick trip, we left at 4am Tuesday morning and got to our hotel around 11:15am pacific time (we gained an hour, which was nice). By the time we unloaded all our stuff into the hotel room and packed up the stroller, we were inside the park around 12:30 and spent several hours there. Brandt met Mickey for the first time that afternoon and he was hooked. He kept saying, "Mickey" in the cutest voice, in a tone that was a combination of excitement and shyness.

The next morning we were up early and had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel at 6:30. We left around 7am and headed to the beach which ended up being a 40 minute drive. The weather was beautiful. It wasn't cold and it wasn't hot, and the beach was practically empty except for a few surfers. We walked to the edge of the water and Joe rolled up his jeans & Brandt's jeans and then took him toward the ocean. When the first little roll of water rushed over his feet Brandt got a little freaked out. Joe bent over to roll up his own pants some more and while he was doing that, a bigger roll of water rushed past Brandt and he lost his footing and was down. Entirely covered in water, with sand on his face and in his ear & hair. He didn't much enjoy that part. So, we spent all of 5 minutes at the beach.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Kohl's (which was two stories!) so I could buy Brandt a new pair of shoes because I conveniently forgot his Converse at home and we only had his flip flops with us. So I settled for a pair of Carter's shoes that I'm not entirely happy with, but Kohl's had like 6 pairs of shoes on display that were not in stock, so I had to settle for my 4th choice.

We got back to the hotel, gave Brandt a quick bath to get sand out of awkward places, and loaded up the stroller. We were back inside the park right as it opened at 10am. We spent most of the day there, although we did leave around 12:30 so Brandt could take a little nap. I went to the grocery store to get more bananas, apples & pears (because my kid won't eat meat) and then Joe and I took a little catnap too.

We then headed over to California Adventure and I made Joe go on Soarin' Over California because it is one of the best rides EVER. Then we went to ride a few small rides for Brandt, and then headed to the Playhouse Disney show. Brandt has never seen any of the shows on Playhouse Disney (except for Doodlebops) but he LOVED the show. The jumping and clapping and dancing around. It was a lot of fun.

We spent the remainder of our day back at Disneyland. We really got lucky with crowds ... the longest we waited was 20 minutes. Tuesday and Wednesday were both very light days and were not crowded at all.

I think I converted Joe to a Disneyland fan. Actually I think Brandt converted him. Joe hadn't been to Disneyland since 1994, and every time I had gone during the 8 years we've been together he never wanted to go. Now that he's been with Brandt he realizes how great of an experience it is to share as a family. He's been thinking of ways to go a few times a year ... and I'm so excited ;)

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Colleen said...


I think my scars and pains are healing themselves just by looking at the pictures in less than 48 hours, we will be there, and there is nothing better than Disneyland through your kid's eyes, except maybe your grandkids, but I don't want to know about them for a LONG time!

Karen said...

I hope you guys have a great trip! It should be a lot of fun ... and hopefully the weather this week is as nice as it was last week.

Take it easy, though. I can't imagine packing & traveling right after surgery ... I hope everything goes smoothly :)