Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Better

Our sleep situation has improved from the past few weeks and is better than it was before the recent issues. Brandt stays in his bed, although we still use the baby gate at night. He sleeps ALL night and has started waking up LATER! It's a freaking miracle.

The night before we left for Disneyland was the first night Brandt slept through the night since Christmas Eve and I was worried that the trip would screw everything up. It didn't, and I almost think it helped because Brandt was so tired from all the activity that he's managed to sleep more soundly.

The past few mornings he has woken up after 6:30am ... sometimes close to 7am. And this morning we heard him make noise around 4:45 but he put himself right back to sleep. I'm so glad he's figured things out, and Joe and I feel completely rejuvenated with our full nights of sleep. It's wonderful.

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