Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday Joe & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary by going out to dinner. I don't think we have gone out to dinner by ourselves since ... I think August or September? Anyway, it was very nice and we had a good time. Although we are used to inhaling our food because we usually have to run interference with Brandt during dinner ... at one point Joe commented that we could eat more slowly.

We went to Pinnacle Peak because my parents had given us a gift card that could be used either there or El Corral. And while El Corral is definitely my favorite, it's also a 45 minute drive and we were trying to get home before 7pm to put Brandt to bed. We both enjoyed some filet and sauteed mushrooms (yummm!). During dinner we kept reminiscing about the past 3 years and how much things have changed. On our 1st anniversary I was 38 weeks pregnant and gave birth to Brandt 5 days later. But we did manage to go out to a really nice dinner at Sullivan's, because we knew it would be quite a long while before that happened again. Our 2nd anniversary was all about getting ready for Brandt's 1st birthday party and we couldn't remember going anywhere that year. We both agreed that we were glad we got to go out for this anniversary. It was a nice break.

When we got home Brandt looked a little sad that we hadn't been there during his normal playtime, so we pushed back his bath time by about 20 minutes so we could run around with him. I know, great plan to get the kid wound up right before bed.

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