Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On To Less Controversial Topics ...

I know my last two posts probably didn't help me make any new friends, and it's never fun to read political crap especially when the economy is teetering on the recession/depression fence. So ... on to other topics for now. I promise I will avoid posting more political links.

I'm super excited to read this book: Everyone Is Beautiful.

I just ordered it on Amazon and it should be here by Thursday. Here's a quick synopsis:

From Publishers Weekly
When Lanie Coates moves from Houston to Cambridge, Mass., with her musician husband, Peter, she loses her support system and quickly becomes overwhelmed by her three small boys and a self-image that's sagging both literally and figuratively. In this agreeable mom-lit entry from the author of The Bright Side of Disaster, Lanie, a former painter, finds beauty in everyone but herself, and especially adores Peter, even though the two of them seem to be drifting apart. The early chapters nearly sink beneath the weight of routine housekeeping details and scenes describing the children's bodily functions and fascination with their body parts, matters most parents have experienced, but which don't necessarily make for great fiction. However, as Lanie begins to find herself through a newfound passion for photography, the story gains traction, and the tension grows as her photography teacher turns out to be a smitten kitten. Like real-life marriage with children, this book offers enough sparkling moments to compensate for the tedium.
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I also read a review in People and this book sounds like a wonderfully relate-able story about how women lose themselves in marriage and motherhood, and how we occasionally long for experiences that remind us of who we used to be. I'll let you know how it goes ....

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