Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On A Whim

I was at the mall this morning letting Brandt play in the play area, which happens to be very close to Picture People. Right as they opened I saw an employee stand outside with coupons so I figured they didn't have any morning appointments. I asked Brandt if he wanted to have his pictures taken, and he seemed to be in a pretty good mood, so I picked him up and walked over there. I warned the photographer that the past two times we've tried to have pictures taken it didn't go well. At all.

The photographer didn't seem to mind and he was very accommodating. He noticed that Brandt tensed up when he pushed the button for the backdrop to come down, so he went into the other studio and got it all set up before we went in there. As soon as we walked in I felt pretty good about this sitting. The photographer had set up the area with a red toy rocket and a stuffed bear. I put Brandt down and showed him the rocket and had him sit on it. By this point Brandt seemed to forget that he had previously hated this very scenario.

After a few practice shots, Brandt really got comfortable with having his picture taken and he started saying, "cheese" for almost every picture. He seemed to be enjoying himself much more. We took about 10 or 12 pictures and I figured we would have a few good ones to choose from. The photographer came out a few minutes later and we looked at all the different shots. I ultimately decided on three, and the photographer was nice enough to give me a coupon for a free 10x13 and 20% off, because of course I had this coupon at home but it wasn't like I had planned to take Brandt to Picture People today.

All in all it was a great morning, and I'm happy to finally have a few "professional" pictures of Brandt at age 2.


Lindsey Greene said...

Those pictures are supper cute! I especially like that first one with his little tennies showing.

Colleen said...

So cute!!!! You are one brave woman!!!! I despise Picture People, and I despise picture studios! It is ALL about getting the right person, lucky! He is such a doll face!