Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd Trimester

So I think technically the second trimester begins at 14 weeks? I think. And I'm almost there ... just shy of 14 weeks. I'm definitely feeling the second trimester start with a bang. I feel like I have tons of energy and the only things that sound really fun to me are going to Body Attack or going for a run. I don't know why.

When I was pregnant with Brandt I pretty much avoided most physical activity and spent most of my extra time on the couch. I also ate a lot. Cereal, Dairy Queen, bread, Dairy Queen, cereal, Dairy Queen, bread. Pretty much just carbs. I'm trying to eat better this time around, although I find myself quite lazy when it comes to preparing food so I often go back to the old standby of cereal. Or peanut butter & jelly. Sometimes I make eggs. BUT, I am being way more physically active than I ever was when pregnant with Brandt, so hopefully I'll stay fit and healthy this pregnancy and not gain an unnecessary amount of weight like I did last time.

Speaking of weight gain, I'm up about 4-5 pounds right now. Last time I had already broken the double digits for weight gain so I'm hoping to continue this trend of g-r-a-d-u-a-l gaining.

Here is a picture I took earlier this week at 13 weeks.

I'm one of those women who actually enjoys pregnancy, so I'm looking forward to watching my belly grow and to feeling the baby move. 6.5 more weeks until we find out if it's a boy or girl, although I do have gut feeling of what it might be. I'm not going to share just yet, though.


Darna said...

I've often heard that the second pregnancy is drastically different (and easier) than the first. I'm glad you're energetic and happy!

Colleen said...

You look amazing, AND, I am convinced that people who say they enjoy being pregnant are actually lying! There is no way, it is TORTURE!!!! I think that cereal is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals-ANY KIND-even the sugary ones, so good choice!!!!

Colleen said...
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Karen said...

I really don't mind being pregnant, although I do miss regular coffee and wine ... a lot. Who knows, though. The 2nd half of this pregnancy might be horrible, since my pregnancy with Brandt was a breeze. I'll let you know :)