Thursday, April 2, 2009


Because it's been a while and I really haven't posted anything substantial recently.

1. I'm pregnant.
Due toward the end of October. Haven't decided if I'm going to attempt a VBAC or just schedule the c-section. Seeing as it's still 6.5 months away I have some time to not really worry about it.

So far this pregnancy has been slightly different from my first, since when I was pregnant with Brandt I never had any symptoms until my belly got big. No sickness or fatigue or strange cravings. This time I get really tired in the afternoon and find myself falling asleep on the couch while Brandt watches Wiggles. This scenario is not an accident. I plan this almost everyday. I also experienced some nausea in the mornings, and a general unsettled feeling in my stomach depending on what I ate recently. Last time it was a free-for-all with food (hence 60 pounds) but this time I'm more sensitive to what I eat.

At my 8 week appointment I had only gained 1 pound and I'm continuing to workout regularly (except for this week because Brandt was running a fever ... but I'm going tomorrow!) per my doctor's authorization. She definitely encourages me to continue.

I will have another ultrasound on April 13th for the nuchal translucency screen although I'm not high risk because I'm only 29. But I'm having the scan done anyway because I want to see the baby again.

2. Brandt was sick.
Not super sick but it was still a little unnerving for me & Joe. I took Brandt to Phoenix on Friday March 27th. We spent the afternoon with my parents and I went with my dad to enjoy some yummy food at Abuelo's (Reynosa Salad). Brandt might have over-indulged in some chips and salsa and his lips and cheeks got a little red.

That night he woke up at 3am and NEVER WENT BACK TO SLEEP! I tried everything, aside from putting him the car and driving around (which now that I'm writing this I'm wondering why I didn't try that...) but he never fell asleep. We were going to meet Lindsey & David and their 10 month old son, Carter, for breakfast around 10am. Since my parents live so far south in Chandler I figured the 50 minute drive to Paradise Valley Mall would provide the perfect opportunity for Brandt to take a much needed nap.

He did fall asleep, but when I woke him up he was soooooo cranky. And I noticed again that his cheeks were red. The first 15 minutes at the restaurant were fine, but once the food arrived he started getting really agitated and cranky, and he refused to sit down. He only wanted me to hold him and carry him around. I'm sure Lindsey & David were thinking that my kid is out of control, but I had no idea it was around now that he was getting sick.

Later that day he still hadn't taken a decent nap and we were supposed to go to my godson's 3rd birthday party at 3pm. 10 minutes before we pulled up to their house Brandt fell asleep. So I didn't know if I should keep driving to let him sleep, or just go inside and see what happens. I chose the second option and it probably wasn't the better choice. He was still fussy and cranky and sooooo tired. I finally got him to fall asleep in Tommy's room and he got a decent amount of sleep.

We drove home that evening, and I started noticing that he felt really warm. I never took his temperature that day but I'm sure that's when the fever started. When I took his temperature on Sunday it was 102.2, but it kept going down once we gave him motrin. By Tuesday the fever was gone and by now he's completely back to normal. It was just a strange 3-4 day virus that only gave him a fever.

3. Houses
We're thinking of trying to sell ours again. I'm hopeful but realistic. There's not really a lot to say about this right now, but we spoke with a Realtor on Sunday and Joe and I are still discussing the selling process.

That's all for now.

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Colleen said...

I am so excited for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS and get ready, it is not DOUBLE the work, it is EXPONENTIALLY more work! I do love my kiddos though.

Sorry about Brandt being sick, that is really NO FUN!