Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Life Isn't Fair

I can't even begin to imagine what this family is going through right now. I urge everyone to say a little prayer and think of Maddie and the Spohr family.

It seems the above website might be temporarily suspended. To read a little bit about what happened go here: Madeline Alice Spohr or here: For Maddie


Colleen said...

Terrible! It is such a tragedy-I need to exit the blogging community because I am so freaking attached to these people! And after her AMAZING ice cream post the other day, SOOOOOO SAD!

Short and Sweet said...

When I saw the post from late last night, I gasped, covered my mouth to keep from screaming, and just stared at the monitor. I'm just stunned because Maddie always recovered from everything. I can't even begin to know what Heather and Mike are going through. My heart is heavy with grief and I'm sort of in a daze.

Gina said...

So, this is what's going to happen to me if I start blogging and reading blogs? Massive depression? Great. I just spent 10 minutes crying over that tribute to Maddie. Heartbreak.