Monday, May 25, 2009


I am a pretty go-with-the-flow type of person but I also like to make plans when I can. Right now there are a few things that I have been pondering, some of which I have no control over and it's starting to wear on me a bit:

1. Our house is for sale. Again. Since right before Easter. We had one person submit an offer and we went back and forth once, but ultimately the guy was no where near a reasonable price so we rejected his final offer. The number of showings has dropped dramatically as well, so I'm nervous about keeping the house on the market much longer. I'd rather not prolong the torture of keeping my house nearly immaculate 95% of the time *just in case* someone comes to see it while we're out.

2. Which brings me to the next item on my list. I'd like to start planning for the 2nd baby and not knowing if we'll sell this house in the next 2 months makes that process kind of difficult. Our house is only 3 bedrooms, but it is definitely do-able to have 2 kids here. No ideal, but do-able. I think I would rather make peace with the fact that we'll probably end up staying here so I can start to move some furniture and plan for the next nursery.

3. Speaking of baby number two, I have a few decisions to make about baby gear. Do I move Brandt to a twin bed and convert his bed back to a crib for the baby, or do I get a new crib for the baby and leave Brandt in his current bed. His current bed will ultimately convert to a full when he's ready. AND, do I get the Graco double stroller or the Sit & Stand? Brandt will be just over 2.5 when the baby arrives, so I don't know which stroller would be better.

These are just a few of the things I've been thinking about. I really would like to know soon what we're going to do about the house situation because I don't want to be 8 months pregnant and still worrying about it.

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Colleen said...

1 & 2-I am totally familiar with this, and I feel like I will live with this feeling of uncertainty indefinitely, or at least until the market goes from being full of trash houses to reasonable houses!

3-DOUBLE STROLLER, I finally found one I loved, the Graco green and brown, and by the time I found it Jackson was done with the stroller, but I am a HUGE FAN, other than the weight!