Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week In Review

Brandt started sleeping well Thursday night, however he came down with a fever Friday afternoon and the sleep situation deteriorated quickly. His fever never went completely away, and only went down slightly with alternating doses of Tylenol & Motrin. Sunday we were supposed to go to Phoenix for Mother's Day but since Brandt's fever was still up & down we were given the green light from my mother to stay in Tucson. Since they were coming down Monday anyway because my mom's birthday is the 12th.

Monday was a bummy day for me ... I didn't really do anything other than run a few errands in the morning, and by 10:40 Brandt had fallen asleep. My parents came over in the afternoon and I went to the 4:30 class at the gym while they watched him.

Side note about the gym: If you don't use it, you lose it. I missed class for almost 2 weeks because of various reasons, and when I finally got back I found myself huffing and puffing and easily fatigued. I guess I could blame pregnancy, but I was so confident in my ability to continue exercising through out the next several months that I forgot how easy it is to lose your endurance. Needless to say I will be taking it a lot easier from now on, but I still plan to go to class ... I'll just be the one rolling my eyes because I'm forced to march in place instead of run in place.

Anyway, so the gym was hard and I left half way through. I got home a little after 5:00 and Brandt was rolling around on the floor because he didn't feel well. My mom said his fever jumped back up and he just looked restless & uncomfortable. So I made the decision to take him to the Take Care Clinic at the Walgreen's right by my house. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic! It is convenient and WAY faster than urgent care. We got there, signed in and were immediately seen by the nurse practitioner. She was very thorough and not at all annoyed by our visit (unlike most experiences I've had with urgent care). And if they don't take your insurance, which of course they didn't take ours, the visit is only $59. She checked Brandt's ears and quickly found his right ear was infected. Before we left the room she had already sent the prescription for his amoxicillin to the pharmacy located 4 steps outside her door. We waited all of 5 minutes for it and left about 25 minutes after we got there. SO EASY!!!

Last night was still rough because Brandt only had 1 dose of amoxicillin under his belt, but I'm hoping tonight will be better. We loaded him up with some Tylenol and his 3rd dose of amoxicillin, so here's hoping ...

Since my parents are here visiting I decided to treat myself to a haircut & highlights. My hair really needed a trim and I haven't gotten it colored in over a year, so I was really excited about this idea. I was even more excited that my friend, Cindy, recommended Regency Beauty Institute. I used to be a little snobby when it came to my hair. In fact, I used to be pretty high maintenance in general ... before I had a baby. I regularly got my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks, a manicure every 2 weeks, and my hair cut at least every 8-10 weeks with a color thrown in every other visit. Looking back it's almost nauseating how much money I spent on my appearance. So I was both thrilled and nervous about the idea of having a "student" color my hair. But I figured, what the hell ... it's only hair and if she really screws it up I can find someone to fix it. Although I must admit that I am a very loyal person and I felt kind of guilty for "cheating" on my hair lady. The same lady I've gone to for 7 years. The gal I had today was pretty good and I'm happy with the results, although I am blonder on top than I anticipated. I will post a picture eventually. But here's what really sealed the deal for me: highlights + haircut + blow dry & style + gratuity = $49. FORTY NINE DOLLARS! Yeah ... it was worth it, since my haircut alone at Gadabout was $42.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking my mom to my 16 week appointment at Copperstate. She's thrilled to go, although I know she desperately wants to go to the 20 week ultrasound. Joe and I made the decision when I was pregnant with Brandt that we wanted that appointment to be just for the two of us, and we're standing firm with that again. So the 16 week appointment will be the compromise. She'll get to hear the heartbeat and ask the doctor random questions. I know it's not the same as an ultrasound, but I know she will like hearing the heartbeat. I'll update about the pregnancy later when I have more information.

Quick tangent: Joe and I are watching a show on TLC about the "World's Smartest People" and they highlighted this girl who has amazing art skills. Check it out here: Akiane - you can see her paintings and her age when she created them ... incredible!


R. Batty said...

Okay, I recognize that ear infections are pretty miserable, and I realize that Brandt is probably too little to appreciate this, but I still remember amoxicillian as the one medicine that I actually wanted to take as a kid. That thick, pink liquid was so tasty! Please tell me it still comes that way.

Karen said...

Yep - still the yummy pink liquid. Although it takes Brandt a few doses to warm up to it, but then he realizes how wonderful it is and doesn't protest anymore. I wish adult anitbiotics came that way.

Short and Sweet said...

Karen~~you had gallons of that stuff for your ten thousand ear infections when you were younger. I only wish that I had stock in the company that makes Amoxicillin. Too bad all meds don't taste like Amoxicillin..it would make life so much easier for the kids and parents.