Wednesday, May 13, 2009

50/50 Chance

Alright, since I caved and told my mom what I think I'm having I figured I could share my hunch with everyone else.

The following are reasons why I think I'm having a girl:
1. I've had 2 dreams where I delivered a girl. When I was pregnant with Brandt the only baby dreams I had were about boys.

2. I felt sick in the beginning of this pregnancy and never once felt nauseous with Brandt.

3. I'm more emotional this time around, although that could totally be blamed on my lack of sleep from Brandt's night-waking.

4. I don't have a huge increase in appetite. With Brandt I was all about food, any kind at any time. This pregnancy I've only gained 7 pounds at 16 weeks whereas with Brandt I was into double digit weight gain by 12 weeks.

5. I asked the baby's heart rate today at my appointment and she said it was in the 130's. Brandt was always in the high 140's or low 150's. I know heart rate is a really silly old wives tale, but I figured I'd throw it out there because there was a difference.

6. At my 13 week ultra screen the technician said she didn't see any parts hanging out, even though 13 weeks was still super early to be sure. BUT, it's something to consider I think.

We will find out in 4 weeks whether there is any truth to this list, but keep in mind I could very well just be crazy.


Clay Mama said...

I CANNOT wait! BTW-Miriam found out she's having another boy. She said she thought it would be nice to have one of each, but when she found out she was instantly at peace with it. I'm excited for you either way! One preggo down, 3 to go....

Clay Mama said...

I also selfishly hope one of you is having a girl, because I keep seeing these outrageously adorable little girl clothes that I MUST PURCHASE!

Colleen said...

Really excited to find out! I don't know what I am so interested in other peoples lives, I should really try and get a life of my own!!!!