Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sun Safety or Child Abuse?

This is what Brandt has been wearing to swimming lessons the past two weeks.

I should start saving for his therapy fund now.

All joking aside, my kid has super fair skin (just like me) and I really want to protect him from too much UV radiation. I don't slather on the sunscreen all the time, so he does get his daily vitamin D requirement when we go outside. (My dad has expressed his concern about not getting enough vitamin D because people put too much sunscreen on.) I can assure you that the primary reason I use this outfit is out of pure laziness on my part because I don't want to deal with the slimy sunscreen and fidgety toddler. I still put sunscreen on his face and ears because he usually takes the hat off after 10 minutes, max.

I need to go to the dermatologist and get checked. I know I'm at risk for developing some kind of skin cancer because I was in the sun a lot as a kid and got several bad burns. I also spent a few months going to tanning beds, which are just as horrible as the sun ... probably worse. My mom has also had several skin cancers removed and she has avoided the sun most of her life, so if there is any kind of genetic link I know I could be at a higher risk. Joe had skin cancer removed from his nose a few months after our wedding, and he just recently had a mole biopsied because it looked suspicious. Luckily it was NOT cancer.

I'm not super paranoid about the sun, but I'd rather maintain my pale complexion instead of tanning if it means less risk of cancer. And my poor kid will be the albino-looking child in his long-sleeved swim unitard and floppy hat. At least he's still too young to really know about summer fashion.


Angelica said...

Hey Karen! I totally feel you here. Although I have never had the fair skin dilemma myself, my son has severely pale, translucent skin. My mom found a sunscreen when he was 4 months old because we were going to the beach that could be used on a child that young. It is so awesome, and can be used by adults as well. He can be in the sun for hours and as long as I apply it every 3 hours or so he doesn't even get pink. I can send you the info for it if you want. Let me know. Also, I think Brandt looks adorable :)

Short and Sweet said...

Thanks so much for saving his precious skin even if he has to live these pictures down one day!

Karen said...

Angelica, what is the sunscreen you use? I would like to try it :)

Colleen said...

I think he looks stinking CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you e-mail me your address when you get a chance????