Friday, July 31, 2009

Two and a Half

I'm all about things that are free, and we got an email coupon from Picture People for a free portrait package. For real, free. No strings attached, no purchase necessary. One 8x10, two 5x7's, and 8 wallets. So I took Brandt yesterday and he did pretty well. The best picture was this one, although I tried really hard to get him to pose with a set of mini golf clubs for Joe, but those didn't turn out as well. So here he his, two and a half years old.

Joe was thrilled that I combed his hair. Brandt had actually spilled pears in his hair earlier in the day so I just sprayed it with a bunch of water and no more tangles and combed it. The pear juice residue ended up working like a mild hair gel/hairspray so it turned out well. And yes, we washed his hair last night.

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Colleen said...

The pictures are soooooooooooo cute Karen!! Congrats, I am always thrilled when I get a good picture!