Monday, August 3, 2009

Is This Normal?

Do all 2.5 year olds throw fits when their mothers try to put them in their car seats? Or is it just mine? I swear I'm barely holding it together. When it's just me and Brandt he fights me so hard that I worry people walking by are thinking I'm abusing my child. I have to physically hold him down, but he's getting so strong and clever about this process that I can't even do that anymore. It took me 15 minutes to get him in his car seat this morning when I was trying to leave the gym. I even got in the backseat and stood over him to try to get a better position to restrain him, but I couldn't get him to sit, or hold him down long enough to get the straps around his arms and locked.

When Joe is with me, or ANYONE else, he's fine getting in the seat. When it's just me and him he throws a complete shit fit about it and refuses to sit in the car seat. It's getting really old really fast, and I'm getting to the point where I'd rather stay home than deal with getting him back in the car if we go anywhere.

And then my dad, who helps out a TON when he's down here visiting, said something kind of irritating this morning. He asked if the hormones were affecting me more because I'm pregnant, as if spending 15 minutes in a HOT PARKING LOT FIGHTING WITH A SCREAMING TODDLER wouldn't bother a non-pregnant, non-hormonal person. But maybe it IS just the hormones ... in which case I guess I have all the more reason to throw my own tantrums because I can blame it on pregnancy.

Next time it happens I hope I can figure out how to video record it, so you can all see that I'm not just a crazy pregnant lady.

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