Tuesday, August 4, 2009

28 Weeks

No picture yet, but I can assure you that my belly is still growing larger. I went to the doctor today and I GAINED 7 POUNDS IN 3 FREAKING WEEKS! Crap. Oh well, pregnancy is definitely the time to indulge more with food because you are expected to gain weight and stuff your face with ice cream. So I will continue to stuff.

I also had my glucose test today, which wasn't bad because I had the option of drinking orange syrup or fruit punch syrup. I chose fruit punch, which really only tasted like concentrated gatorade and I like gatorade so I didn't mind guzzling 4 oz of the stuff in 45 seconds. We'll see how my results come out. I go back in 2 weeks. I can't believe I'm already at the 2 week intervals ... time is going to fly by now and I really have done nothing to prepare. I went to breakfast with two friends on Sunday and one of them asked to see the baby's room when she dropped me off. I showed her our guest room/office, because that will eventually be the baby's room but right now it still has a queen sized bed and a computer desk in there. And we still haven't picked out a crib yet. So the baby might not have a place to sleep but at least she'll be able to update her twitter status. Although I did show my friend the crib bedding that's still packed up in the closet. That is the extent of the nursery. We're working on it.

I'm also starting to get more nervous and more excited. Nervous because I know how anxiety-inducing the first few weeks with a newborn are, and nervous because I will also be taking care of a two and a half year old at the same time, and nervous because OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN! But, I'm also excited to watch the dynamic of our family evolve, and excited to meet the little baby girl in my belly, and excited to share the baby moments with Brandt as he becomes a big brother, and excited to breastfeed again. Yes, I just wrote that. Of course I probably will be singing a different tune in early November, so stay tuned for my "I've officially lost my mind, what was I thinking by having another baby, I just want to sleep!" posts. I can't promise coherent sentences, but those posts will definitely be honest depictions of life with a newborn AND a toddler.

Is 2 days after having a baby too soon for a glass of wine?


Colleen said...

I always wanted a drink sooooooo bad when I was pregnant, and then it took me soooooooo long to actually have one because I was too damn tired and suddenly one glass of wine was the equivalent of a case because my tolerance was soooooooo low!

Karen said...

I know I will be in the same boat, so hopefully I can have 3 or 4 sips of wine and get pleasantly relaxed from just that.