Monday, September 14, 2009

No Changes

I'm still not sleeping worth a crap. I told Joe we should try to go cold turkey this weekend and let Brandt cry-it-out, because a habit has definitely formed. He wakes up at the same times every night, first right after 10pm (which is conveniently the time that I usually have *just* dozed off), and then again 2 hours later. Usually after the 12:30am wake up we can make it to 5:15 or so, but I'm really wanting to return to 100% sleep from 8pm - 5:30am. I would SOOOO stop complaining about his early morning waking if I could get ONE night of solid sleep before baby #2 arrives. I think my sanity depends on it.

I go to my 34 week appointment today and I'm planning to ask about delivery dates. Joe will be coming to my 36 week appointment because that's when she starts to check me internally to get a better idea of how I'm progressing. And I want Joe there so we can seriously discuss a potential VBAC - I want him to hear everything the doctor has to say, both pro & con. He's still preferring another c-section, but I'm starting to lean towards wanting to give a VBAC a shot if I can. But if my doctor says I'm not a good candidate to attempt a VBAC then so be it. I'm not one of those crazy women who demands that their birth strictly follows their predetermined birth plan. Those women are idiots. I don't think you can "plan" your delivery 100%. I saw some sort of birth show on TLC where this women demanded a vaginal birth even though her baby was breech. So kind of what I went through with B, but she was selfish enough to DEMAND the risky vaginal birth because she was convinced it would be less stress on her body & on the baby. She found the one doctor in the LA area that would do it, and then watching the delivery was the scariest thing I've ever seen. There is obviously a reason why breech babies are delivered via c-section, and this woman put her baby at such an unnecessary risk just because she wanted her delivery to go a certain way. Stupidity.

So anyway, I'm not one of those crazies. But if I can try for the VBAC I think I will. But I won't "plan" on it.

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