Saturday, September 12, 2009

34 Weeks

We had pictures taken this morning. Only a couple turned out ok, which is good because then we didn't spend too much money. I really like the one of B kissing my belly.

I'm not sleeping well, which isn't a surprise if you've read my previous posts. Brandt is still waking up several times a night, and although Joe goes in there with him, I can't really sleep once he's awake. My patience level has gone from average to barely hanging on by a thread. People piss me off, the cat pisses me off, slow drivers piss me off, inconsiderate people who see an 8 months pregnant woman carrying a two and half year old but DON'T HOLD THE DOOR and instead let it close right in front of me PISS ME OFF. I'm trying really hard to stay calm and keep it together, to stay positive and look for the good in my life. Because there is a lot of good and I need to focus on that. Negativity never helped anyone.
So tonight, I'm going to stay optimistic about the sleep situation and I'm going to count to 10 every time I feel the rage start to build up inside. I'm not usually an angry person, but the hormones & lack of sleep are proving to be a scary combination. I can be better, though. I will be better.
And thank you, Gina, for letting me borrow your dress!

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